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The Principles of Beautiful Web Design

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Welcome to whittle by design. I will share about info The principles of Beautiful Web Design. More often than not, a business card says a lot about an organization’s personality and could be utilized as structure motivation.

For some web developers, myself notwithstanding, the scariest piece of the structure procedure is beginning.

Envision for a minute that you’re sitting at your work area with nothing other than some espresso and the business card of a potential customer who needs a fundamental corporate web webpage.

More often than not, a business card says a lot about an organization’s personality and could be utilized as structure motivation.

Lamentably, that is not the situation with the card for Smith Services in Figure 1.1. It’s high contrast, all content, no character, blah.

Discussion about a clear canvas! Things being what they are, what would be an ideal next step? You need an arrangement …

and you have to contact Mr. Smith. With some basic contribution from the customer about what his organization really does,

and by social event data about the substance you need to work with, you’ll have the option to concoct a fruitful format and structure.

The Principles of Beautiful Web Design

Anybody, regardless of what level of imaginative ability the person in question has,

can concoct a structure that functions admirably and looks great everything necessary is a little encounter and working information of some essential format standards.

The book from which this article is excerpted, The Principles of Beautiful Web Design, covers every one of these standards thusly,

demonstrating even the least plan situated of us how to make excellent, exquisite, practical structures — see the Table of Contents for subtleties.

You can download this article — Chapter 1 of the book — in PDF configuration to peruse disconnected.

So how about we begin with the essentials and a little while later you’ll have the establishment important to plan display quality web destinations.

The Design Process

In a web programming book I read as of late, the writer acquainted an anecdotal situation with disclose why perusers expected to plan a page design and make a template for the model application.

He essentially said that the organization web originator was off getting motivation from someplace and wouldn’t be back until some other time in the year.

It seemed as though he was inferring that originators are inclined to go missing and go on vision journeys for quite a long time at any given moment,

however, I will accept the creator made that remark in a charming manner, and present a similar situation.

Here are the speculative subtleties of this situation: Jim Smith of Smith Services needs a web website.

We have his business card and he’s anxious to begin. Lamentably, the planner is away … pause, that is not a decent reason.

Suppose he was harmed during an oddity dairy bovine charge while going to the South by South West Interactive (SXSWi) celebration in Austin, Texas.

Definitely, that is conceivable. Anyway, he’s out for a couple of months, and you’re without anyone else.

So where do you begin? The real procedure of building up a whole webpage or web application incorporates a ton of steps, however,

the way toward making a structure comp comes down to just two undertakings: revelation and execution.


The revelation part of the structure procedure is tied in with gathering the customers and finding what they do.

This may not feel like a “designy: task, however assembling data about who your customers are and

how they maintained their business is the main way you’ll have the option to concoct a fitting and successful plan.

Before you plan your first gathering with your customers, take a couple of minutes to make sense of what they do and how they do it.

In the event that they’ve requested that you plan a web webpage for them, they may not right now have one, yet Google them in any case.

On the off chance that you can’t discover any data about their business explicitly, attempt to gain proficiency with somewhat more about their industry before the main gathering.

At whatever point conceivable, the principal meeting with a customer ought to be a real individual to-individual gathering.

Some of the time, separation will manage that the underlying gathering will happen via telephone, yet in the event that the customer is around the local area, plan an opportunity to meet.

Remember that this gathering isn’t tied in with intriguing the customer, selling yourself, or selling a web website.

The underlying customer meeting is about correspondence. Attempt to listen more than you talk, and expedite a stack of paper which you can make notes.

Try not to bring a workstation. PCs have screens, and individuals will in general gaze at them.

On the off chance that the customer isn’t gazing at the screen the entire time, you will be as you compose your notes.

On the off chance that you should drag some innovation into the gathering, bring a voice recorder.

As far as I can tell, however, a stack of paper is less threatening to the regularly not really well-informed customer.


The following stage in the plan procedure is to take what you’ve gained from the customer and use it to make a structure.

Notwithstanding the undertaking, do whatever it takes not to become involved with the innovation related to structure web destinations in any event, not from the start.

Now, it shouldn’t make any difference whether the site will contain straight HTML, a layout for a substance the executives’ framework, or a Ruby on Rails application; basically,

we have an interface to plan and a clear sheet of paper. “Paper?” That’s correct, paper.

Did you truly think I was going to give you a chance to return to your valuable PC directly after the customer meeting was finished? No chance.

Here’s the reason: it’s anything but difficult to lose center around the structure in the event that you begin contemplating the design before a PC.

In the event that you begin on paper, you can disregard the specialized restrictions of programs and CSS, and spotlight on how you need the last item to look.

Presently you may believe that every single great planner bears extravagant hardbound sketchbooks in which they utilize costly markers and paint to structure magnum opus renderings of web page designs.

For me, the proportionate is a 79-penny winding bound note pad and any composition instrument I can discover around my work area that still works.

The Principles of Beautiful Web Design
The Principles of Beautiful Web Design

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